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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find an answer here, you can talk to our consultants by chat at the bottom-right of your screen
  • We are africa's online store for services (from verified pros/experts). So just like Jumia or Amazon listing products from sellers, we list services from pros/experts instead and people buy it off the site. For example, a service listing will be something like... I can help you translate a page of document from English Language to Hausa for N1500 .

  1. Visit and click on the Sign-up button. If you are signing up to sell your services, click on Sign up as a Pro

  2. Fill your basic details on the first page and click the Next button to list your skills

  3. List your skills on the second page. There is no limit to the amount of skills you can list, so list as many skills as possible with different names people know the skills by and make sure you separate them with commas. For example Tailoring, Fashion Designing, Sowing

    IMPORTANT: Prospective buyers are going to be searching based on your skills so you want to list as many as possible to be found easily
  4. Fill your basic details on the first page, then fill your professional details on the second page. A well written professional detail is important, as this is what buyers of your services review before they buy your services. It is what convinces them of your expertise, apart from your reviews.

  5. Lastly, you confirm your account from your email address and login into your account!

  • It is absolutely FREE to open a Seller (or Pro) account on sharply. However, you will go through some process of verification for us to ascertain that your service offerings are genuine.
  1. Login into your account on's website

  2. Click on Create Service menu and fill the form which includes Title of your quick service, Description, Cover photo, Your price and Price for delivery

  3. Click on List Sharp Service Now button and your service will be automatically listed but will not be seen on the website yet until it is approved by our approval team. Not to worry, approval usually takes a few minutes during working hours.

  4. IMPORTANT: Approval team checks for the following;
    1. The service you listed is legal
    2. The details of the services are complete
    3. You used images that are relevant to your services
    4. You used real images without unnecessary words (Flyers or images with unnecessary words are not allowed).
    Once all that is done, your services starts showing on the website and are promoted for quick sales.
  • More Sales: Every service listed benefits from FREE advertising worth several thousands $$ that we will be investing to promote the service listing to prospective buyers

  • Sure Payments: Clients pay before-hand, so you are sure you will get paid once you deliver according tot he specifications given in your service listing.

  • Reduced Stress: We handle advertising, customer service, project management & payments together with you. This gives you more time to focus on delivering your services and takes huge amount of stress off you.

  • International Exposure: Listing on sharply means more exposure than your average website can give you, hence your services can be purchased globally or by people coming into your country!