Yes, ‘quickies’ are now for sale and before you think too hard about how exactly this is done, let me quickly introduce you to the land-breaking technology that we use to sell ‘quickies’. ‘Quickies’(from professionals) are now officially for sale on our website, the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa. What is a ‘Quickie’? How do you get ‘Quickies’ during Valentine and beyond? Simply browse to Search through all the ‘quickies’ we have for sale from professionals/experts Click on buy and tahdah! You have it! is africa’s first online store for services where you can buy ‘Quickies’, ‘Handpick a Pro’ to do anything or project you want done or just Post a Job and get[…]

So you are a woman and you can relate with this… You got a good job and everything is going fine till you got pregnant. Your employer simply cannot give you the maternity leave long enough for you take care of your baby and to take care of pregnancy complications (if you have one), which is now running into months! You are in and out of jobs throughout your child bearing stage and this has reduced your income drastically. Now, you are just at home bored, with the degree, certifications and skills you have. You simply cannot combine ‘work-life’ with the complexity of pregnancy and other women-related demands. It looks like the system is against you. There are some jobs[…]

Hello Africa! While we are working hard over the holidays to ensure our pros and experts can list their services and start selling to clients, we want to take this time to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Anticipate a great 2017 where you can sell your services sharply on!